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  1. Marguerite Harl: From Gregory of Nyssa to the Septuagint.
  2. Enrico Norelli: faith and intellectual honesty.
  3. Juan José Calvo Ayan: God's creative hand.
  4. Attila Jakab: The mysteries of Egyptian Christianity in the first three centuries.
  5. Alain Le Boulluec: The Early Christian heresies can be interpreted as forms of elitism
  6. Life and patrology
  7. Giovanni Filoramo: Ecological, psychological and political gnosis
  8. Where Religion and Physics meet
  9. Lucian Turcescu: We should build on the previous foundation
  10. Математика и другие миры
  11. Ancient Christian Wisdom and Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Therapy. A Meeting of Minds.
  12. Commentaries on the cosmological and physical theories of the microcosm
  13. Would the mutants inherit the earth or about the GMO mutations
  14. Ecological Conversion in a Changing Climate: An ecumenical Perspective on Ecological Solidarity
  15. Christian philosophy and pantheism
  16. Orthodoxy for Protestants
  17. The challenge of ecumenism.
  18. Christian demythologization: a path to science
  19. Cultural studies of Orthodoxy
  20. Do scientists believe in God? Faith and knowledge.
  21. Recapitulatio (ἀνακεφαλαίωσις) as an Aspect of the Christian Ecotheology
  22. The attitude of the Church to new information technologies discussed in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra
  23. Functional component of religious bases of culture and its influence on culturegenesis
  24. Psychology or theology of the personality
  25. Marius Cruceru: the neo-Protestant Patristics
  26. Marie-Hélène Congourdeau: The place of the heart between East and West
  27. Ysabel of Andia: the mystical experience
  28. Nicolae Corneanu: Patristic confessions
  29. Dialogue on science and religion
  30. Christian faith and medicine