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  1. On Certain Tendencies in the Development of Mathematics
  2. Icon as an expression of transcendental reality of personality: anthropological aspect.
  3. The role of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) in spiritual and moral education of the citizens of modern Russia
  4. Orthodox Christianity in the life of a pre-revolution classical Russian university (the case of Tomsk Imperial University)
  5. Church Parochial Schools of the second half of the 19th and-beginning of the 20th century: Historiographical Overview
  6. Can an Orthodox Christian be a heleocentrist?
  7. “Orthodox Christian libraries” course in the system of education for librarians-information technicians (based on experience of the Institute of Arts and Culture of Tomsk State University).
  8. The Discipline of Scientific Apologetics: A General Review
  9. Was there a Big Bang?
  10. What is the Russian Orthodox Church’s attitude toward scientists' work on the Theory of the Big Bang (TBB)?
  11. The clergy and its participation in social work of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) in Kuban oblast (1860-1917)
  12. The ideologisation of sciences and their impact on the dialogue between science and religion
  13. The ecological crisis. Transdisciplinary implications of the relationship between theology and science
  14. The relationship between theology and science in modernity and postmodernity
  15. Thou, Who Art Everywhere and Fillest All Things: Essence and Energy in Orthodox Theology and Physics
  16. Perichoresis and selfhood as anthropological strategies in Christian cultural tradition
  17. Russian religious thought. Revival or preservation?
  18. On religion, values and Bulgarian school
  19. The problem of interaction between science and religion
  20. The problem of interaction between science and religion
  21. Orthodox Faith. Christian faiths join each other within Eucharisty
  22. Reflections on the ecological problem
  23. Nanopoulos: We must not mix up science with religion’
  24. Monique Alexandre: A living history of French patristics
  25. The Russian Orthodox Church during "Khrushchev’s Thaw"
  26. Marguerite Harl: From Gregory of Nyssa to the Septuagint.
  27. Enrico Norelli: faith and intellectual honesty.
  28. Juan José Calvo Ayan: God's creative hand.
  29. Attila Jakab: The mysteries of Egyptian Christianity in the first three centuries.
  30. Alain Le Boulluec: The Early Christian heresies can be interpreted as forms of elitism