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  1. From Orthodox Christianity to the phenomenon of nuclear energy: fragmentary use of the methodology of anthroposocial interpretation
  2. Theistic evolution and Orthodox theology
  3. Man comes into the world
  4. May Orthodox be evolutionist
  5. Higher education for women and the Russian Orthodox Church
  6. Leo Tolstoy on the harmony between religion and science
  7. Bridge between science and religion, the Theory of the Big Bang
  8. The relationship between Orthodox Christianity and compulsory education in Russia
  9. On science or on meaningless imposture
  10. Towards a Theological Understanding of Psychopathology and Therapy
  11. Developmental psychology for social pedagogues: textbook for pedagogical major students.
  12. Christian psychotherapy
  13. Spiritual and moral revival as sociocultural basis for modernization in Russia
  14. How long did take to create the universe?
  15. The Divine Fire in All Things”- Orthodox Cosmology in Dialogue with Science
  16. The Mystery of Rationality. Interface in the Dialogue between Theological and Scientific Knowledge
  17. Religion, science and natural environment
  18. Addendum. The teaching of religion in France and Greece. Convergences and divergences, challenges and perspectives
  19. New tendencies in interpretation of science and technological progress by the Russian Orthodox Church
  20. Theology, transdisciplinarity and physics. A new logic for interreligious dialogue.
  21. Entrepreneurship as a bridge between science and Orthodoxy
  22. The Pastoral care as point of encounter between Orthodoxy and Modernity
  23. Can science ally with religion in favor of modern Subject?
  24. The dynamics of Europe's cultural borders determined by translating the sacred text, the Holy Bible
  25. Created and uncreated energies. A transdisciplinary approach.
  26. Changing the paradigm in cosmology. The opportunities and the risks of a dialogue between science and Orthodox theology .
  27. The compatibility and the relationship between science and theology
  28. Christian Medicine and the Symbolic Efficiency
  29. Guiding and Protective Entities. From the Egyptian Gods Anubis and Wepwawet to Some Possible Semitic and Christian Counterparts.
  30. Problems of compatibility of science and religion in a secular education system