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  1. Physicist Theodosiy Teodosiev: “One has to live with a consciousness for eternity”
  2. Orthodox Christianity cultivated obscurantism in Russia and suffocated the light of science
  3. Brain plasticity and renewal of conscience
  4. The technological era and the spiritual meanings of the world
  5. Theology and Science at the dawn of modern times
  6. Science confirms the intuitions of the Saints
  7. The church press: where religion and science meet
  8. Saint John Chrysostom, the present and the problem of knowledge
  9. The time of Easter. A study the for the dialogue between faith and reason
  10. Church and Science – is there a conflict? Opinion of the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  11. Voluntative Metaphysics of Personality
  12. Only bad science rejects religion, only foolish religion rejects science
  13. Euthanasia and the Christian morality
  14. Euthanasia in the light of Christian morality
  15. Potentiality and actuality. From quantum ontology to the anthropic cosmology of Father Dumitru Staniloae.
  16. Truth and communion
  17. Bioethics: where theology and science meet
  18. Hexameron on the dust of the earth
  19. Inventing Orthodox traditions: religiosity in post-socialist contest
  20. Dominant
  21. From Orthodox Christianity to the phenomenon of nuclear energy: fragmentary use of the methodology of anthroposocial interpretation
  22. Theistic evolution and Orthodox theology
  23. Man comes into the world
  24. May Orthodox be evolutionist
  25. Higher education for women and the Russian Orthodox Church
  26. Leo Tolstoy on the harmony between religion and science
  27. Bridge between science and religion, the Theory of the Big Bang
  28. Physics and theology: dialogue between science and religion today
  29. The relationship between Orthodox Christianity and compulsory education in Russia
  30. On science or on meaningless imposture