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  1. The path of reason in search of truth
  2. Some aspects of psychogenetics and child psychology in the context of "Evolutionary Religious Studies" and Orthodox theology
  3. Eastern morality and Western technique: Issues on natural philosophy of religion
  4. Religion and dualism in modern natural philosophy: Metaphysical motives in the philosophy of religion of modern physics
  5. The ecclesiasm of Hellenism
  6. The reception of the Enlightenment in Greece
  7. The spiritual struggle in the modern world
  8. Sober intoxication
  9. Perpetual rest: The renovation of the Aristotelian movement in the theology of Maximus the Confessor
  10. The Greek philosophy of the person
  11. On creation
  12. The good and the evil III: The world which is devoid of traces
  13. The theological aesthetics of icons and their ecumenical significance
  14. Theology and science of religion: The meaning and the absurdity of a conflict
  15. Religiosity and psychic health
  16. The other bread
  17. The true science
  18. The spiritual path in the theology of the Eastern Church
  19. A study of Maximus the Confessor: The dialectical contradiction of freedom and necessity
  20. Philosophy of physics and philosophy of religion
  21. Political and social developments in Europe and in the East and the stance of St. Athanasius of Paros
  22. The Orthodox bioetics and the recombinant DNA technologies
  23. St. Athanasius of Paros and Apostolos Makrakis: Similarities and differences
  24. St. Gregory Palamas in the writings and the teaching of St. Athanasius of Paros
  25. The problem of atheism according to St. Athanasius of Paros
  26. Neophytos Kaphsokalyvites (1713-1784?) and the Kollyvades movement
  27. Religiosity and psychopathology
  28. The Kollyvades Movement and its significance
  29. St. Gregory Palamas and our times
  30. History between time end eternity