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  1. Nicolae Corneanu: Patristic confessions
  2. Dialogue on science and religion
  3. The Inconvenient Relation Between Religion and Science: The Prevalence of the Heliocentric Theory
  4. The Cosmology of the Gnostics and the Orthodox Church
  5. Un-tangible World and Modern Physics
  6. Orthodox Church and Astronomy in Common Fight against Astrological Superstition
  7. The perception of time by humans according to John Philoponus and its relation with the Theory of Special and General Relativity
  8. Christian faith and medicine
  9. Science and religion
  10. At the Crossroads of Contemporary Cosmology and the Patristic Worldview: Movement, Rationality and Purpose in Father Dumitru Stăniloae
  11. Theology and Natural Sciences in St Gregory Palamas
  12. The Other Path in Science, Theology and Spirituality: Pondering a Fourteenth Century Byzantine Model
  13. Igor Shafarevich about Russian math school, Orthodoxy and Russian history
  14. An emeritus collocutor
  15. Between faith and reason. First Questions
  16. Approaching An Apology for the Hexaemeron: Its Aims, Method and Discourse
  17. Christian Worldview: Understandings from St Basil the Great
  18. Meaningful Cosmos: Logos and Nature in Clement the Alexandrian’s ‘Exhortation to the Gentiles’
  19. Worldview and Melodic Imagery in the Alexandrian Tradition and Certain Patristic Antecedents
  20. Making Sense of the World: Theology and Science in St Gregory of Nyssa’s ‘An Apology for the Hexaemeron’
  21. Doctor-monk heals souls and bodies
  22. Mapping Reality within the Experience of Holiness
  23. Logos, Evolution, and Finality in Anthropological Research
  24. Approaching the Christian Worldview with St Basil the Great: Aspects Relevant to Current Conversations in Science and Theology
  25. Approaching An Apology for the Hexaemeron: Its aims, methods and discourse
  26. Going Upwards with Everything You Are. The Unifying Ladder of St Maximus the Confessor
  27. Hexameron of Saint Basil the Great and cosmological views of his time
  28. Experiment and knowledge of reality in the Hesychast view
  29. From Logos to Logoi: The idea of the world’s rationality in the history of European thought
  30. The doctrine on logos between Heraclitus and the patristic horizon the rationality of the world from the harmony of contraries to indefinite virtuality