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  1. Every scientist sees the amazing arrangement of the world
  2. Biologists against the theologians: is the conflict inevitable?
  3. Personal experiences of faith, feelings of atheists, and evidence of God's existence
  4. Mikhail Tsfasman: Mathematics is the study of the real intangible world
  5. Why is the first dissertation on theology absolutely scientific
  6. Why theology is a science in the world and not in Russia
  7. Good intentions pave the way to medical fascism
  8. Who says DNA is the Holy of holies?
  9. Elena Sadovnikova: doubt, faith and science
  10. Religion and Technology: Dictionary of Technology as a Case Study
  11. Multiplying complexity
  12. Creationism or evolution?
  13. Yavor Dachkov: the Bulgarian Church is Catastrophe
  14. Theistic evolution – a way of reconciliation between religion and evolution?
  15. Sacral Mathematics and Adam's House
  16. Religion of Reason (Biblical Foundations for the Relationship between Faith and Reason)
  17. Church, Community, Society
  18. Person, community, otherness (Studies on Christian anthropology and ethics)
  19. The Great Designer. A Debate In Absentia with Stephen Hawking
  20. On the crossroad between “liking” and salvation
  21. Technology as a Mode of Being in Secularism
  22. „Day one, day eight and the day-without-evening“ in the Doctrines of the Byzantine Fathers (4th– 8th Centuries)
  23. The Religious Education in Bulgaria in the Beginning of the Third Millennium
  24. Theology and Bioethics, Theory of Evolution and Genetic Research
  25. The Knowledge of Religion: Cultural and Theoretical Profiles
  26. Bible and Cosmos
  27. Level of religiosity of the Orthodox population in Bulgaria according to data of Orthodox Church registries (1989–2014)
  28. Mihajlo Pupin and Orthodox legacy
  29. Mihajlo Pupin: From Physical to Spiritual Reality
  30. Lecture on Faith and Patriotism of Mihajlo Pupin