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  1. The Origin of Astronomy in Russia
  2. The Cosmology of St. Maximus the Confessor and its Relation to modern Physics
  3. Light from the East: Theology, Science, and the Eastern Orthodox Tradition
  4. On Scientific Evidence of the Existence of God
  5. The development of the idea of ​​the multiplicity of worlds in European philosophy and theology of the XVII-XIX centuries
  6. Wrestling with the divine: religion, science, and revelation
  7. An Eastern Orthodox Critique Of The Science–Theology Dialogue
  8. Natural Theology and the Eastern Orthodox Tradition
  9. The God of Nature - Incarnation and contemporary Science
  10. The sense of the Universe: Philosophical explication of theological commitment in modern Cosmology
  11. Religion, Science and Technology: An eastern Orthodox perspective. Interview by MG Michael and Katina Michael
  12. Orthodox Theology in the twenty-first century
  13. Faith, Science, Mystery
  14. Elements from the cosmology of Saint Maximus the Confessor. Man as mediator of salvation of Cosmos
  15. Into all the World: expanding the History of Science and Religion beyond the Abrahamic Faiths
  16. Principles in Physics
  17. Cosmography, Asceticism and Female Patronage in Late Byzantine and Slavic Miscellanies
  18. The Almagest, Politics, and Apocalypticism in the Conflict between George of Trebizond and Cardinal Bessarion
  19. The Astronomical Instruments in Saint Catherine's Iconography at the Holy Monastery of Sinai
  20. R. J. Bošković as European Scientist and Theologian at Work on the Bridges between Science and Religion. Essay on Bošković's top concept and epistemological interpretation of God
  21. Orthodoxy and Science in the Greek State, 1830-1939
  22. Science and Orthodox Christianity: An Overview
  23. Theology and Science in the Orthodox World: Some Doubts from a Latin Perspective
  24. Science and Russian Orthodox Scholarship
  25. Religion and Science in the Eastern Mediterranean
  26. Science, Eastern Orthodoxy, and World Religions
  27. Patristic views on the Nature and Status of Scientific Knowledge
  28. Origin and Degradation
  29. Religious tools of man in the Paleolithic era
  30. Gia Machabeli invites by Archpriest Andrea Jagmaidze. The human between the science and religion