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  1. Transdisciplinary Reality – merging the horizons of Theology, Science and Philosophy
    Author: Memelis, Gabriel, Iosif, Adrian, Răileanu, Dan
  2. Perspective româneşti asupra ştiinţei şi teologiei
    Author: Istodor, Gheorghe
  3. Cosmosul, între frumos şi apocaliptic – un recurs etic asupra ecologiei [The cosmos, between beautiful and apocalyptic - an ethical appeal on ecology] : Proceedings of the Alba-Iulia Conference, 4-6 May 2007
    Author: Istodor, Gheorghe
  4. Simpozionului ştiinţă şi religie – conflict sau convergenţă? [Proceedings of the Science and Religion: conflict or convergence Symposium], : Constanta, 2005
    Author: Istodor, Gheorghe
  5. Thou, Who Art Everywhere and Fillest All Things: Essence and Energy in Orthodox Theology and Physics - София: Университетско Издателство Св. Климент Охридски, 2013.
    Author: Танев, Стоян
  6. Stiinta dragoste credinta. Convorbiri cu patrologi europeni. [Science faith love. Conversations with European patrologists]
    Author: Bădiliţă, Cristian
  7. Путь. Математика и другие миры. : The Path. Math and other worlds.
    Author: Паршин Алексей
  8. Ancient Christian Wisdom and Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Therapy. A Meeting of Minds. - New York: Peter Lang [Series: American University studies VII, Theology and religion], 2011.
    Author: Trader, (Hieromonk) Alexios
  9. Христианская философия и пантеизм. : Christian philosophy and pantheism.
    Author: Кураев Андрей диакон
  10. Протестантам о Православии. : Orthodoxy for Protestants.
    Author: Кураев Андрей диакон
  11. Вызов экуменизма. : The challenge of ecumenism.
    Author: Кураев Андрей диакон
  12. Дары и анафемы. : Gifts and anathemas.
    Author: Кураев Андрей диакон
  13. Культурология Православия: готова ли школа к новому предмету? : Cultural studies of Orthodoxy: is the school ready for the new subject?
    Author: Кураев Андрей диакон
  14. Dialogue on science and religion
    Author: Mosoia, Catalin
  15. Medicii si biserica, vol. 3 : Pentru o bioetica crestina. Aspecte sociale determinate de relatia dintre teologie si medicina. [For a Christian bioethics. Social issues arising from the relationship between theology and medicine]
    Author: Flueras, Vasile
  16. God, Freedom and Nature : Proceedings of the 2008 Biennial Conference in Philosophy Religion and Culture
    Author: Costache, Doru
  17. Заслуженный собеседник. Этика. Религия. Наука. : An emeritus collocutor. Ethics. Religion. Science.
    Author: Ukhtomsky Alexey
  18. Between faith and reason. First Questions - София: Покров Богородичен, 2016.
    Author: Попмаринов, Димитър
  19. Cappadocian Legacy: A critical appraisal
    Author: Costache, Doru
  20. Alexandrian Legacy: A Critical Appraisal
    Author: Costache, Doru
  21. The Oxford Handbook of Maximus the Confessor
    Author: Costache, Doru
  22. Science and religion: Antagonism or Complementarity?
    Author: Costache, Doru
  23. Science and Orthodoxy, a Necessary Dialogue
  24. Science and Orthodoxy, a Necessary Dialogue
    Author: Danezis, Manolis, Theodosiou Efstratios, Dimitrijevic Milan
  25. : Ἀρχή Ἡμέρας. Ἡ ὀρθόδοξη προσέγγιση τῆς Δημιουργίας [Τhe Beginning of the Day. The Orthodox approach to Creation] - Ἰωάννινα [Ιοannina]: Ἱερόν Προσκύνημα Ἁγίου Γεωργίου τοῦ ἐν Ἰωαννίνοις [Shrine of Neomartyr George of Ioannina], 2007.
    Author: Ware, (Metropolitan) Kallistos
  26. Values of the Human Person. Contemporary Challenges
    Author: Chiţoiu, Dan Mihai
  27. Science and Religion in Context: Metanexus Annual Conference : Philadelphia 5-9 July 2004
    Author: Arinin Evgeny
  28. Византийски етюди - София: Фондация Комунитас, 2014.
    Author: Каприев , Георги
  29. Science and Religion in Context : Metanexus Annual Conference, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia 5-9 July 2004
    Author: Kalyabin , Gennady Anatolievich
  30. Science and Religion in Context : Metanexus Annual Conference, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia 5-9 July 2004
    Author: Kalyabin , Gennady Anatolievich