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  2. Begzos, Marios. Nicolai Berdyaev and Byzantine philosophy: On the metaphysical importance of Patristic theology
  3. Sotiris, Gounelas. Περί Ἐκκλησίας [Letter to the editor]. Ὁ Πολίτης, 103, 11-13.
  4. The Orthodox Church in the 21st Century. 125-130, Christianity and Science
  5. The Orthodox Church in the 21st Century. 125-130, Christianity and Science
  6. Bigovic, Radovan. Church in the Modern World
  7. Jerotic, Vladeta. Science, Religion, Society. 108-121, Prayer between Science and Religion
  8. Jerotic, Vladeta. Psychotherapy and Religion. 220–225, Religion as Psychotherapy in Psychosomatics
  9. Purić, Jovan. Liturgy and Modern World, Orthodoxy before Challenges of Modern Times. 157–223, Liturgy, World, Eschaton – Ecclesiology and Ecclesiological Ecology
  10. Rauschenbach Boris. Logic of triplicity
  11. Subotic, Oliver. Digital Challenges: the Ways of Christianity in the Binary Code Civilization. 13–49
  12. Physics in Six Days of Creation by Saint Basil the Great
  13. Tomic, Bojan. Physics in the Hexameron of Saint Basil the Great
  14. Subotic, Oliver. Religion and Information Technologies. 61–64
  15. Rakocevic, Miloje. Njegosh’s Primordial Logos I
  16. Rakocevic, Miloje. Njegosh’s Primordial Logos I
  17. Rakocevic, Miloje. Njegosh’s Primordial Logos I
  18. Tomic, Bojan. Common Topics of Science and Theology in the 21st Century and One Military Issue. 378– 391, Multidisciplinary research
  19. Dejic, Mirko. Mathematics in religious education and religion in mathematics. 32–43
  20. Cucic, Dragoljub. Category of time in science and religion. 30–39
  21. Maric, Ilija. Classical Physics and Physics of Serbs. 164–175, Science and Religion
  22. Tarasjev, Aleksej. Evolutionary Biology and Diverse Confessions. 73–76, 109–115, Creationism as Faith: Strict Creationism and Theistic Evolution
  23. Begzos, Marios. Philosophie und Theologie bei Nikos Nissiotis: Vom Personalismus zur Pneumatologie
  24. Karafyllis, Gregory. Celestiα
  25. Makrides, Vasilios. The scientific theory as simple ypothesis: religious polemics against scientific ideas
  26. Rakocevic, Miloje. Science, Religion, Society. 138–152, The Rationality of the Original Religious Consciousness by the Examples from the Bible
  27. Colic, Ljiljana. Path - the Narrative of a Failed Minister
  28. Jovic, B., Savo. Mihajlo Pupin – Man of Christ and Saint Sava. 41–51, Pupin on his faith
  29. Ionescu, Razvan Andrei. Orthodox Theology facing the challenges of science
  30. Saprykina Anna. Home as an educational space