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  1. Statement on the discussion about GMOs to the clergy and laity of the Plovdiv eparchy
  2. Bible and ecology: the beginning of ecology
  3. Creationism in the Russian Educational Landscape
  4. 'Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
  5. Russian Orthodoxy Resurgent: Faith and Power in the New Russia
  6. Bible and science on world creation
  7. Nikola Tesla and Orthodox paradigm
  8. The intelligent designer
  9. Orthodox apologetic theology
  10. The Euthanasia Debate
  11. In the Image of God: the Perils of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  12. Bioethical Challenges in a Post-Modern World
  13. Orthodox Anthropology : Implications For Human Stem Cell Research And Cloning
  14. The sound of silence and the movement of light
  15. Religion and Epistemology
  16. 15 Questions on Faith
  17. Faith and knowledge: contemporary challenges
  18. A Theologian–Biologist Dialogue
  19. On some trends of math development
  20. A Path from Science to Religion
  21. On evolutionary biology and “scientific” creationism
  22. Round Table on machines and humans
  23. Nikola Tesla as a contributor to Orthodoxy
  24. On the Scientific and the Religious
  25. Orthodox Church’s role in the Bulgarian society and religious education and training of young people
  26. The religious symbol in the psychological theory of Carl G. Jung
  27. The theory of the Universe decay and the Fathers' faith
  28. Brussels expert speaking 8 languages chooses religious habit
  29. Role of the Church in Information Society Development
  30. What is Reality?