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  1. Orthodoxy and Orthology in the Context of Religionism
  2. Τhe Beginning of the Day. The Orthodox approach to Creation
  3. Man’s Mission as Mediator for the Entire World according to Saint Maximus Confessor’s Theology
  4. With what body are we going to rise from the dead?
  5. Homeopathy – an attempt at spiritual analysis
  6. The World as Field of God’s Presence and Man’s Work
  7. Psychology – Psychiatry, Faith –Theology. Their relationship and the way they cooperate
  8. Maximus and modern Psychology
  9. Queen of the Sciences? Theology and Natural Knowledge in St Gregory Palamas’ ‘One Hundred and Fifty Chapters’
  10. To aim reality: the language issue in quantum physics, phenomenology and neopatristics
  11. The Spiritual Experience as Scientific Experiment: How Science Can Meet Religion
  12. The Discourse about Reality in the Double Perspective of Science and Spirituality
  13. Person and Personal Reality: The Actuality of the Eastern Christian Understanding of Man
  14. The person as a type of reality: the man beyond individual
  15. Ex-peira: The Scientific Experiment and the Spiritual Experience as Ways of Tryout
  16. Religion, Theology and Science in Russia
  17. Essence of Organic Life In Russian Orthodox and Modern Philosophical Tradition: Beyond Functionalism and Elementarism
  18. Our soul has two eyes. Reason and revelation according to hesychast in 13th and 14th century
  19. Religion and Science in Russia: Religious Studies
  20. Science & religion in Russian post-soviet context
  21. An Orthodox Christian's View on Exact Sciences of the 20th Century
  22. Science-Religion Dialogue on the Middle Volga East Bank
  23. Prolegomena to a Soul-therapy
  24. Towards a theological understanding of the psychopathology and the therapy
  25. Metropolitan Seraphim Chichagov’s medical heritage
  26. Key pedagogical concepts in St. John Chrysostom’s heritage.
  27. The path of scientist and Christian
  28. Spirit. Soul. Body.
  29. Religiosity and psychic health
  30. The other bread