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  1. The Rationality of the World and Human Reason as expressed in the Theology of Father Dumitru Staniloae: Points of Connection in the Dialogue between Theology and Science’
  2. Analysis of contemporary negative image of the Orthodox Church formed in the Soviet Union from the mid-1950s until the early 1960s.
  3. Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholicism
  4. Home Church
  5. Life Science in High School: An Evolutionary Perspective at the Turn of the 20th-21st Century
  6. Is Christian science possible? Methodological problems of the synthesis of Christian theology with scientific method of knowledge.
  7. Master and his disciples in the New Testament
  8. Psychiatry and the spiritual life problems
  9. The Inconvenient Relation Between Religion and Science: The Prevalence of the Heliocentric Theory
  10. The message of the Lord’s prayer
  11. On the Christian understanding of the concept of people and nationality – problems of its philosophical and historical use
  12. Christian world perception and science
  13. Is the mathematical plan of universe coincidence?
  14. The Great War as a Crucial Point in the History of Russian Science and Technology
  15. Orthodox education in modern Russia: content and structure.
  16. The destinies of schizophrenia carriers: clinical, social, judicial and psychiatric aspects.
  17. The life and creative work of the Russian scientist N.N. Bogolyubov
  18. Christianity in the Era of Electronic Communication
  19. Faith and Science
  20. Mathematics and Religion
  21. Dictionary of Technology – 33 years later
  22. The connection between the doctrine of divine energies and understanding of space in Thomas Torrance and Christos Yannaras
  23. The attitude of Saint Eucherius of Lyon (†ca. 450) to the “secular philosophy”
  24. Basic science and the Orthodox Church
  25. Dangerous attempts of biology and religion “synthesis”. About V.K. Zhirov’s article on Orthodox vision of biological diversity
  26. Secular aspect of reforms in Orthodox religious academies in the Russian Empire in 1869
  27. Soviet youth of the 'Thaw' period in 21st century research
  28. The relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and the State on the issue of the development of education in Irkutsk oblast (region) in the context of Soviet ideology.
  29. On Science. From the Heritage of the Optina Elders
  30. Physicist Theodosiy Teodosiev: “One has to live with a consciousness for eternity”