The relationship between theology and science in modernity and postmodernity

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  2. Raportul intre teologie si ştiinţă în modernitate şi postmodernitate
  3. Romanian
  4. Stavinschi, Alexandra
  5. Various approaches to the problem of correlation between science and theology - Modes of interaction - Integration
  6. 22-1-2017
  7. Istodor, Gheorghe [Author]. The relationship between theology and science in modernity and postmodernity
  8. Simpozionului ştiinţă şi religie – conflict sau convergenţă? [Proceedings of the Science and Religion: conflict or convergence Symposium], : Constanta, 2005
  9. postmodernity - dialogue - interdisciplinary dialogue - ideologies - modernity
    1. pages 102-126
    1. This study deals with the dramatic changes of paradigm in the relationship between theology and science with the advent of modernity and postmodernity. Orthodox theology has never generated nor maintained any conflict with science, neither during the religious, Christian, Middle Ages, nor in modern and postmodern times, when secular trends led to the autonomy of sciences from religion. Orthodoxy validated science research in the Middle Ages, by seeing there the will of God in understanding the divine creation. The orthodox mission has reacted to the ideologisation and secularisation of science in modernity and postmodernity, and has warned of the danger of diverting the whole scientific endeavor. Orthodoxy welcomes the paradigmatic changes occurred in both life sciences and especially in matter sciences that have recently occurred in contemporary postmodern times; these are paradigmatic changes that enable a lively and creative dialogue between the two fields of human knowledge.