On religion, values and Bulgarian school

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  2. За религията, ценностите и българското училище
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  4. Nachev, Ivaylo
  5. Ecumenism and dialogue > Education
  6. 20-5-2010
  7. Сапунджиева, Клавдия [Author]. On religion, values and Bulgarian school
  8. Българска патриаршия
  9. Bulgarian educational system - religious education
  10. 24.01.2017
    1. The article is one of the more detailed texts in the contexts of recent debates around the proposed introduction of religion as a compulsory subject in the Bulgarian educational system.

      The author first drew attention to the traditional links between religion and schools, giving an outline to the presence of the subject which was compulsory in Bulgarian educational system before 1944 (including an overview of the legal framework). The educational system was secular but it adhered to the moral traditions of the Orthodox values.  According to Sapundzhieva, the history of the Bulgarian school was intrinsically linked with the teaching of religion. She also gave examples of well-received textbooks in the first half of the 20th century.

      The second part focused on the developments after 1989, including various proposals for the subject’s status, curricula, textbooks and preparation of teachers. There are two main groups in the still ongoing debate, one that supports teaching about religions (history, cultural aspects and moral postulates of various religions) and another, represented by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Chief Mufti’s Office, that is for teaching of a specific confession.

      In last part of the text Sapundzhieva shares her opinion and makes some recommendations.  In her view religious teaching would not be a threat in principle for schools’ secular character. Religious classes can play positive moral and cultural role if they comply with the 21st century standards, including tolerance and respect to the views and values of the other.