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    1. Theology, a scientific journal of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the University of Belgrade was launched in 1926. The idea of the need to start a scientific theological journal occurred immediately after the foundation of the Theological Faculty. The initiative to launch and provide the material means of financial support for the journal was given by Patriarch Dimitrije Pavlović. At the occasion of its the meeting on May 14th 1924, the Faculty Council decided to name the future journal Faith and Science - Journal of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology for Theological Science and Church Life. Decision to start the journal was made by the Council on October 19th 1925 when all the necessary preconditions were fulfilled. At the December 14th 1925 meeting of the Council, earlier name of the journal was replaced by Theology, Organ of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology. At the occasion of the same meeting, dean Stevan Dimitrijević was elected as the representative of the journal (then defined as the owner). At the editor’s proposal in 1936, the new representative, i.e. the new owner of the journal, became Prof. Dr. Dragutin Anastasijević. The first volume of Theology was issued in early 1926 under the editorship of Prof. Dr. Dimitrije Stefanović thus becoming one of the oldest scientific journals in the Serbian-speaking sphere still existing today. It was anticipated that the journal was to be published in four volumes per year on 5-6 printing sheets. In the opening letter of the first volume, the editorial board of the journal presented its program which would hold for the next fifteen years, until the first interruption in the publication of the journal. The journal published articles, discussions, and reviews of theological works and magazines. By 1941 a total of 60 volumes of Theology had been published, four per year with a few exceptions. In 1935, for example, volumes 2 and 3 were published as a double issue due to a large number of articles marking 700th anniversary of the repose of Saint Sava.