Maryology in the Christian Church

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  2. Mariologija u hriscanskoj crkvi
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  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Scientific theories and disciplines > Psychology-Psychoanalysis - Concepts of knowledge and modes of reasoning > Orthodox gnosiology
  6. 24-11-2018
  7. Jerotic, Vladeta [Author]. Maryology in the Orthodox Church. 7-22
  8. Bogoslovlje
    1. Faculty of Orthodox Theology
  9. psychology - Psychology of religion
  10. 24/11/2018
    1. The author discusses the position of maryology–theotokology in the Christian Church. He offers an overview of the ideological debates that took place with regard to the questions about the nature, place and role of the Mother of God – Mary, as they appeared in all three confessional denominations of the Christian Church.

      Further on, the author thematizes the psychological problems related to the role of the “eternally feminine” (Anima) in the subconscious and conscious psychological life of both genders. He then relates all of this – including the correct or incorrect development of the Anima – to the worship attitude of the Christian believer towards the Mother of God – Mary. In conclusion, the author highlights the value of the Orthodox relationship towards the cult of the Mother of God, and also underlines the identical conception of the Mother of God as “Mother of the Church” in the Orthodox and the Roman-Catholic Church alike.