Orthodoxy and Orthology in the Context of Religionism

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  2. Orthodoxy and Orthology in the Context of Religionism
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  4. Delli, Eudoxie
  5. Scientific theories and disciplines > Religious studies - Orthodox theological tradition and practice > Status of theology - Concepts of knowledge and modes of reasoning > Orthodox gnosiology - Orthodox Anthropology - Ecumenism and dialogue > Dialogue between churches
  6. 28-1-2017
  7. Kourempeles, Ioannis [Author]. Orthodoxy and Orthology in the Context of Religionism
  8. International Journal of Orthodox Theology
  9. exclusivity - Pluralism - soteriology - Incarnation - music of the spheres - Religiosity - interreligious dialogue
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    1. <p>Kourempeles, I. (2013). Orthodoxy and Orthology in the Context of Religionism.<em> International Journal of Orthodox Theology,</em> 4:4, 18-31</p>
    1. Ioannis Kourempeles attempts to present the dogmatic framework, in which Orthodox theology could include human religiosity, unifying reason and faith and being opposed both to the extremity of rationality (and relativism) as well as to the extremity of mysticism (and exclusiveness). He investigates whether there is a proper theological manner that emphasizes on the humanity and if so, for what reason and in which manner. For these purposes, he focuses on the modern questions of religious exclusivity and pluralism. He also treats the question of soteriology in relation to different kinds of faith and how religion considers them and promotes openness to otherness also in the perspective of inter-religious dialogue. These theological and anthropological challenges are read from a systematic-dogmatic point of view and discussed in a creative dialogue along with contemporary issues.