Biologists against the theologians: is the conflict inevitable?

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  2. Биологи против богословов: конфликт неизбежен?
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  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
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  6. 24-06-2017
  7. Храмов Александр [Author]. Biologists against the theologians: is the conflict inevitable?
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    1. PhD in Biology and senior researcher at the Paleontological Institute of RAS, Alexander Khramov, examines the perplexities that arise in connection with the change in the status of theology in Russian academic community.

      It is not a surprise for theologians that science is silent about God. This does not entail though that theology has lost its right to exist. This conclusion could be made if the boundaries of the scientific knowledge coincided with the boundaries of reality. However, there is every reason to think that this is not the case. Scientific knowledge is a by-product of the evolution of the human brain, the main driver of which was the need for survival and it was not possession of the fullness of truth. Probably beyond the reach of our senses remained the entire sphere of being, useless to meet the needs of our animal ancestors.