Chronology and Calendarography

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  2. Hronologija i kalendarografija
  3. Serbian
  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Mutual dependence - Modes of interaction
  6. 27-11-2018
  7. Milosevic, Radomir [Author]. Chronology and Calendarography
  8. Chronology and Calendarography - Smederevo: Hram Svetog Apostola Luke, 2005.
    1. Milosevic, Radomir [Author]. The Problem of Church’s Calendar in the Light of Work of Milutin Milankovic. 141−152
  9. Julian calendar reform - Milankovic, Milutin - Julian calendar
    1. The book by Protopresbyter Dr. Radomir Milosevic  explains the correlation of science and religion with regard to calendarography.

      The author follows the development of calendarography in Serbia. Further, he refers to the concept of time in Orthodox theology, time in philosophy, and time in science.

      In the central part of the book, the author perceives the question of the calendar from the point of Serbian Orthodox Church. He examines the problem of calendar and time and presents some projects trying to make a calendar reform and propose an exact calendar. One such example was the attempt by Serbian scientist Milutin Milankovic to change and reform the Julian calendar, including the astronomical base for its calculations. The author then presents the scientific objectivity in terms of calendars and advocates the use of the one by Milankovic.

      The book is another contribution to present the question of calendar and certain dilemmas and problems in theological and scientific context, aiming to bridge this gap.