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  6. 25-03-2018
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  10. 25/03/2018
    1. In the paper “Dictionary of Technology Theology” the author provides an interesting insight into the general relation between theology and technology, analyzing the case study of “Dictionary of Technology”, a handwritten 1981 script that contemplates technology and the technological idols created from the point of Orthodox Christianity. 

      The paper postulates that Orthodox theology and modern science and technology are divided by a deep hiatus of historical development. However, it states that Orthodox theology experience is significant for the critical reconsideration of the modern world. Therefore, it discusses “Dictionary” as the epistemological instrument aimed at reconsideration of the technological dynamics of history.

      The time of its appearance – 1981 in Yugoslavia – was the time of atheistic optimism of conquering history. Technology was not related to religion, but it was seen as a means for the improvement of life. “Dictionary of Technology” outlined the idea of technology to replace God, discerning the mechanism in which it assumes theological rhetoric and cult. Therefore, the paper implies the main idea of “Dictionary” is that theology is closer to technology than to science itself. Technology has developed its entelechy rather by adaptation of theology than by the development of science.

      This paper therefore provides a perspective into the relationship between religion, science, and technology. It outlines their interrelatedness and thus shows Orthodox Christianity as sound standpoint for the reconsideration of the modern world.