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  7. 2004
  8. Appendix to the First Issue of the Journal Church Studies
  9. Church Studies
    1. Centre for Church Studies (International organization)
  10. Orthodox spirituality - Orthodox worldview - patristic tradition
  11. 24/8/2017
    1. The establishment of the Center for Church Studies in 2002 in Nis marked a big step in the institualization of a new methodological approach aiming at other disciplines that relate to Orthodox culture and arts.  

      Such an approach and initiative to consider Orthodox Christianity and culture in relation to other disciplines, even though quite common in other countries, has provoked disapproval in the academic and scientific circles, as well as in the political ones. In that sense, the establishment of such a Center and the realization of its projects has been met with many obstacles.

      Despite the difficulties to embark on such a multidisciplinary project, the Center has managed to establish a journal “Church Studies” whose issues can be found in many important libraries all over the world. The editorial board is comprised of scientists from Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, FYROM, Romania and the United States, with the emphasis on regional scientific study.

      The journal Church Studies aims at compiling papers in diverse fields such as theology, philosophy, patristic studies, medicine, history of Church, history of arts, and the like. Therefore, the first issue of the journal has published scientific papers presented in the Ecclesiastical Seminar of the Center for Church Studies “Orthodox Theology and Medicine". The aim of the journal is to bring diverse scientists together and foster joint cooperation.