The Divine Light of Milutin Milankovic’s Canon

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  2. Bozanski sjaj Kanona Milutina Milankovica
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  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
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  6. 31-5-2017
  7. Cirjanic, Dragan [Director]. The Divine Light of Milutin Milankovic’s Canon
  8. The Divine Light of Milutin Milankovic’s Canon
    1. Radio Televizija Srbije (Public service)
    2. Cirjanic, Dragan
  9. Milankovic, Milutin - Milankovic, Milutin [Author]. Canon of Insolation
  10. 31/5/2017
    1. A new documentary dedicated to one of the world’s greatest scientists, Milutin Milankovic, was presented to the audience on Milankovic’s birthday, May 28th, 2017, at RTS2 channel, at 9 p.m. Before its premiere, the film was presented to students and professors, as well as other citizens, at the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade, on May 15th, 2017. Directed by Mr. Dragan Cirjanic, the director employed at the Serbian National Radio-Television, the film encircles the work done in the last ten years by a group of enthusiasts and specialists nurturing Milankovic’s ideas and working on the promotion of their values and relevance today. The film presents few biographical data, several speakers discussing the work of the great scientist, especially Kanon of Insolation, and the struggle that has had to be gone through so as to revitalize the work of Milutin Milankovic and make the models according to his design for the culturally-scientific center in Dalj, that bears the name of the scientist. Kanon of Insolation is the revitalization of the Sun that directs all human activities and conditions climate change. The theory of the climate change and Ice Ages is not easy to understand, so a team of specialists led by prof. Aleksandar Petrovic made a model of precession – the first model in the world mechanically presenting the theory. The author found the inspiration in their and Milankovic’s ability to synthesize and connect all the scattered fields of science. Moreover, a bigger inspiration was the will to connect the divine and earthly, what according to the author was the scientist’s aspiration. Hence the title of the film – the 'Divine Light of Milutin Milankovic’s Canon'. Connecting the notable scientist to the Divine is a very important aspect his work. There are also other indications and papers relating Milankovic to it, fostering a new chapter of research that might shed new religious light on him.