Bioethics and Theology

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  2. Βιοηθική καί Θεολογία
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  7. Griniezakes, Makarios [Author]. Bioethics and Theology
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  9. bioethics - human personhood
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    1. <p>Griniezakes, Makarios [Γρινιεζάκης, Μακάριος] (2010). Βιοηθική καί Θεολογία. <em>Ἡ</em><em> ὁδός</em>, <em>1</em><em>8</em>, 19.</p>
    1. Bioethics is the science which attempts to provide solutions to the numerous problems and moral dilemmas raised by the developments in medical biotechnology. It is characterized by difference in opinion and diversity of perspectives, to a degree that it seems to be a rather personal science. The author argues that the Orthodox Church, in carrying out its pastoral duties and pursuing its soteriological endeavour, tries, whenever necessary, to articulate its own theological views for topics such as sexuality, pain, in vitro fertilization, death, cloning, stem cell mechanics, etc. However traditionalist it may appear to be in a post-traditional world, the position of the Orthodox Church is clear: bioethics is a personal science, indeed, since the truth, for the Orthodox theology, can only be revealed to, and has meaning only for individuals.