The improvident destruction of the environment

  1. Lemma
  2. Η αλόγιστη καταστροφή του περιβάλλοντος
  3. Greek, Modern (1453-)
  4. Koutalis, Vangelis
  5. Ecology and the environment - Complementarity
  6. 12-5-2017
  7. Christophorou, Christos [Author]. The improvident destruction of the environment
  8. Ενατενίσεις
  9. ecological crisis - ecological consciousness
  10. Ενατενίσεις, τεύχος 3
    1. <p>Christophorou, Ch. [Χριστοφόρου, Χ.] (2007). Η αλόγιστη καταστροφή του περιβάλλοντος. <em>Ενατενίσεις</em>, <em>3</em>, 37-39.</p>
    1. Written in the aftermath of the devastating forest fires of summer 2007 in Greece, this short article aims to bring environmental destruction once again into focus, by associating human disrespect towards the environment with the prevailing spiritual crisis and destitution.

      The environment should be seen as the ‘house’ of human beings and by destroying this ‘house’, humanity has unleashed a whole chain of potentially perilous consequences, as ecology scientists already can affirm. This tendency can be counteracted only through the acquisition of an ecological consciousness.