Physicists and clericals met at Platonov’s seminar

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  2. Физики и клирики встретились на Платоновском семинаре
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    1. The philosophy department of Voronezh State University (VSU) held a conference on ethics and philosophy entitled Science and Religion: State of interaction between them today, named after the writer Andrei Platonov (1899-1951). Around 70 theologians, academics, and scientists participated at the event. The conference concluded that the conflict between religion and science lies not in the fact of whether science or religion have the monopoly on universal truth but rather that this conflict depends on the psychological type of a scientist or scholar.

      V.I. Dubyansky, Sc. D. spoke about the phenomenon of the hologram from the point of view of natural science, revealing some aspects of this phenomenon, which can be perceived as a miracle. However, he maintained a rigorous science position and did not interpret the scientific phenomenon as a miracle, as is often the case today. S. Tsarev, theologian and Sc. D., talked about the ideological aspect of attacking religion through science. His speech was criticized by materialists at the seminar. V.P. Fetisov, Ph. D, argued that science alone is not enough to understand reality and that scientists need philosophy, including religious philosophy. In the end, all participants agreed with the idea that science cannot refute religion. Both of them have their place in society. Overall the seminar contained a message to Russian authorities that the revival of religion in Russia should not happen at the expense of science.