Theonomic cosmology – A perspective on Christian cosmology

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  2. Cosmologia teonoma - perspectiva asupra cosmologiei crestine
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  4. Stavinschi, Alexandra
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  6. 30-1-2017
  7. Ica, Ioan [Author]. Theonomic cosmology – A perspective on Christian cosmology
  9. cosmology - theonomy - Creationism - Evolution
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    1. The aim of the article is to point out the new solutions suggested, for the first time in Romanian theology, by Professor Dumitru Popescu, on the origin of the world and life, in the current dialogue between theology and science, through a new perspective on Christian cosmology, where the revealed truth of the world’s creation is reconciled with the advances of contemporary science, and the old antagonism between creationism and evolutionism is overcome.

      Ioan Ica shows that Dumitru Popescu, based on the data of the Revelation and on the inspired interpretations of the Holy Fathers, offered an excellent account of the contemporary interpretations of the biblical essay on cosmoanthropogenesis. This is a new perspective on Christian cosmology, which has outdone the narrow vision of the classical theology textbooks and the old preconceptions on the so-called antagonism between theology and science, creationism and evolutionism.

      The Western autonomous dualistic cosmology inspired from Augustin, which has never given a convincing account of the relationship between the transcendence and the immanence of God, between God's omnipotence and the movement of creation, led to the conception of a supernaturalistic creationism as opposed to a naturalistic evolutionism. In contrast, the biblical and patristic theonomic cosmology overcomes both through the concept of a work-in-progress creative process, which begins with the initial creation and is crowned with the final creation, when the whole cosmos becomes a new heaven and a new earth. This ongoing creation is only possible insofar the domestic Creator maintains close links with the cosmos through the uncreated energies, in synergy with the movement of the creatures, which were all brought into existence according to their internal reasons at the right time, according to His wisdom.

      As Professor Popescu rightly pointed out, "The Orthodox theonomic cosmology, based on the Revelation and receptive to the advances of science, proves to be the perfect articulation between the scientific and theological research." Professor Popescu showed that the truth of the ongoing God's creation in synergy with the movement of the creatures matches very well not only the data of the Revelation, but also the requirements of contemporary science and "allows us to engage in a dialogue with culture in general and science in particular, for the glory of God and the salvation of man."