On evolutionary biology and “scientific” creationism

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  2. O evolucionoj biologiji i ,,naucnom" kreacionizmu
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  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
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  6. 28-11-2016
  7. Tucic, Nikola [Author]. Antievolutionary Programme of the Christian Fundamentalists. 59–70
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    1. Tucic, Nikola
  9. Creationism - Evolution
    1. The author begins with the statement that among few matters biologists agree in the process of evolution and regard discussions denying it as “waste of time”. However, the author recognizes the need to address these matters since creationists demand “scientific creationism” at schools stating that evolution is merely one of the theories explaining the origin of the world.

      The author further explains the history of creationists’ movement, as well their strife to enhance introduction of creationist theory in the educational systems worldwide, and to have biblical version of the creation together with the theory of evolution, stating that they have been very successful in doing so, especially in the USA. The outcome of these actions was that the theory of evolution became a controversial matter where many biologists started avoiding the discussions on it.

      The relationship of science and religion is very complex, according to the author. However, a lot of people find no grounds for their conflict. When it comes to refutation of the theory of evolution, creationists mostly do not have any new fact or argument in doing so. However, the author considers such practice as a weak understanding of science since evolutionary biology has no “eternal truth” but is an ongoing process, supported by plethora of scientific facts.

      In addition, the paper focuses on ample evidence where parent and child taxa differ and presents scientific explanations on the evolutionary biology, explaining the nature of the evolving organisms. The author then states that from the standpoint of creationists, the drawback of the evolutionary biology is the inability to answer the question on the origin of life and that is why creationists accentuate. 

      Due to this controversy regarding the theory of evolution the author juxtaposes the stances of both the biologists and creationists and tries to explain the scientific background of the evolutionary biology because of many creationists claiming that evolution is unscientific. The paper thus represents one of the multitudes of attempts to clarify the dissent between those advocating the theory of evolution, and those in favor of the creationist one, from the perspective of one of the most notable evolutionary biologists in Serbia.