A Path from Science to Religion

  1. Lemma
  2. Put od nauke do religije
  3. Serbian
  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Various approaches to the problem of correlation between science and theology
  6. 26-11-2016
  7. Zecevic, Aleksandar [Author]. Truth, Beauty and the Limits of Knowledge: A Path from Science to Religion
  8. Truth, Beauty and the Limits of Knowledge : A Path from Science to Religion - Belgrade: Sluzbeni glasnik, 2016.
    1. Zecevic, Aleksandar
  9. dialogue
    1. The book by professor Zecevic is of particular importance because, apart from suggesting dialogue between science and religion, it served as a starting point for a University course at Santa Clara University in California, as well as for those in Bolivia and India. All the courses are held by professor Aleksandar Zecevic, a prominent scholar in the field of science–religion relationship.

      The first indication of science and religion connection is noticed on the book covers. The upper part of the book cover displays diagrams and different formulae, that is, science, while the lower part represents a photo of Christian saints, or in other words, religious motifs, implying the path from science to religion, as indicated in the second part of the book title.

      The science–religion relationship cannot be reduced into avoiding contradictions and dissent. In fact, existing scientific theories and religious teachings should reach mutual adjustment and accordance so as to ensure a fruitful dialogue. According to the author, theologians should play an active role in it by making an effort to follow scientific researches and results. That way, science may help theologians to better understand processes in nature as well, and serve as the way to understand religion better.

      Thereby, it is not surprising that the first part of the book is dedicated to the latest scientific developments. In addition, it incorporates formulae and diagrams, which are presented in a comprehensive way. It is easily noticed that the author finds modern science and its achievements important in understanding nature which would further help understand that there is similarity between science and religion.

      The rest of the book, which abounds in rich and complex content, displays the intercrossings of science and religion and clearly presents the author’s aim to bring them closer to each other, which is a great basis for a productive dialogue between these two spheres.