A Theologian–Biologist Dialogue

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  2. Dijalog teologa i biologa
  3. Serbian
  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Modes of interaction
  6. 24-2-2016
  7. Jeftic, Andrej [Author]. Can we believe in God and have faith in the theory of evolution?
  8. Politika
    1. Tarasjev, Aleksej
  9. Creationism - dialogue - Evolution
  10. 18/11/2016
    1. The interview presents a dialogue between a theologian Dr. Zdravko Jovanovic and a biologist Aleksej Tarasjev regarding the theory of creation/evolution. Contrary to common conflicts that follow the issue, the dialogue evokes a different attitude; neither belief in Christian God clashes with the theory of evolution, nor do theologians disagree with biologists.

      While Dr. Jovanovic advocates that neither theory of evolution nor any other scientific theory conflicts with Christian belief of God’s creation, Dr. Tarasjev claims that theory is not equal to speculation but it scientifically explains facts and laws – in this case the fact of evolution. Dr. Jovanovic sees the effort of theologians to take into account the achievements and the achievements of all sciences as highly desirable. Hence, by expressing a personal view that the theory of evolution is considered as not only scientifically based theory, but also very beautiful and inspiring structure, Dr. Jovanovic stressed that the theologians are obliged to acknowledge its insights and discuss the challenges it presents. The theory of evolution cannot claim the opposite of the basic facts of the Christian faith: that God created the world out of love, and that gives us salvation through the Son embodied and the Holy Spirit. Although often recognized as a theory which, complementary to the Christian view of the world, contradicts the theory of evolution, creationism is, in the opinion of Dr. Jovanovic, quasi-scientific and quasi-theological theory.

      Corresponding to the statement by Dr. Jovanovic that the theologians should consider scientific theories, Dr. Tarasjev said that the dialogue of theologians and biologists would be useful not only for better mutual understanding, but also for joint contribution to the society. Although the overall conclusion is that definite answers have not been given during the conversation, various aspects and ideas of the relationship of Christian theology and the theory of evolution have been conveyed. Hence, it has achieved an important step in the creation of argumentative and responsible dialogue between theologians and biologists which, as it seems, is the exception in our public.