Technology as a Mode of Being in Secularism

  1. Lemma
  2. Tehnologija kao nacin bivstvovanja u sekularizmu
  3. Serbian
  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Orthodox view on technology and engineering
  6. 31-01-2019
  7. Brajovic, Boris [Author]. Technology as a Mode of Being in Secularism
  8. Svetigora
    1. Brajovic, Boris
  9. church and technology
  10. 31/01/2019
    1. In the lecture, Archpriest Stavrophor Boris Brajovic states that technology in secularism appears as a new force which is no longer a means of being, but rather a way of being, according to which all the horizons of secularism are wide open. Technology is distinguished from the ancient concept of technique precisely because it is teleologically indeterminate; it does not have its own body, but it is exhausted in the very creation itself.

      Technology is antisocial because it has no plan and goal and what remains is causality that is mechanically implemented; it is open only to the indefinable limitations of its growth and the relationships that are impersonal. The liberation from it can not only introduce us into a new "rootedness" that Heidegger was talking about, but it may save what is lost, according to the speaker.