On the crossroad between “liking” and salvation

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  2. Na razmedju izmedju lajkovanja i spasenja
  3. Serbian
  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Orthodox view on technology and engineering
  6. 31-01-2019
  7. Vesin, Milos [Author]. On the crossroad between “liking” and salvation
  8. Svetigora
    1. Vesin, Milos
  9. Information technology - Orthodoxy and information technologies
  10. 31/01/2019
    1. The speaker warns on the state of emptiness of the modern man leading him to seek a sort of confirmation on the social networks. That is an attempt to reach salvation, but this time it is sought online and very often from the people we do not even know. Thus, the speaker warns on the many implications of the phenomenon of “liking” on social networks. Losing one reality, men throw themselves into another – a virtual one. He explained how “liking” on social networks affects human beings physically, psychologically, and in many other ways, directly interfering into our lives. He explained the multi-layered problems that social networks may cause. Human being yearns for establishing real contact, but in the technological era, that contact is limited to a virtual and imaginary one. In such an atmosphere we build not the character we are but the one we want the others to like.