Mihajlo Pupin – the Greatest Christian Scientist

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  7. Mihajlo Pupin – the Greatest Christian Scientist
  8. Mihajlo Pupin – the Greatest Christian Scientist - Belgrade: Fondacija Mladen Selak-,,Preporod" Beograd, 2016.
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  9. Pupin, Mihajlo - Velimirovic, Nikolaj
    1. Pupin's "New Reformation – From Physical to Spiritual Reality" was written at a time when science denied the existence of God. It pointed out that church and science cannot be compatible in any way. In his book, Pupin also emphasized that at some points scientists have contributed more to the recognition of God than the Church itself, testifying to the always-present interrelatedness of science and religion.

      Following the path of Mihajlo Pupin and his emphasis on the significance of religious sensibility, the editor of the book “Mihajlo Pupin – the Greatest Christian Scientist” focuses on the importance of Pupin for the Church and overall spirituality, while in the second part of the book provides the translations of Pupin’s philosophical works – “New Reformation” and “Romance of the Machine”.

      The editor of the book found that this piece of work was less known in public than other scientific works by Pupin. In this work, Pupin, as a great Christian and philosopher, magnifies scientists, glorifies the role of science in general and connects it with Christian philosophy, saying that scientists who discover "eternal truths" through natural laws would lead mankind to the divine empire.

      The book brings several contributions by diverse persons testifying to the great mind and spirituality of Mihajlo Pupin. These contributions include the one of Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic (this part dates from March 17th 1935), the speech by Pavle Miljanic, professor at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Belgrade (also from 1935, on the occasion of Pupin’s death) the text of engineer Mladen Selak on Pupin (written in 2004) and the final contribution on the spiritual values of Mihajlo Pupin by Milan Bozic, the editor of this book. Each part is aimed at the better understanding of the legacy of Pupin’s work and his path from physical to spiritual reality.