Person, community, otherness (Studies on Christian anthropology and ethics)

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  2. Личност, общност, другост (Студии по християнска антропология и етика)
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  4. Nachev, Ivaylo
  5. Orthodox theological tradition and practice > Patristic studies
  6. 31-1-2019
  7. Тутеков, Свилен [Author]. Личност, общност, другост (Студии по християнска антропология и етика)
  8. Личност, общност, другост (Студии по християнска антропология и етика) - Велико Търново: Синтагма, 2009.
  9. St John Climacus - St. Maximus the Confessor - Saint Basil the Great - ecclesiology
    1. <p>Тутеков, Свилен (2009) „Личност, общност, другост (Студии по християнска антропология и етика), Велико Търново, изд. Синтагма, 2009 (350 стр.) (ISBN 978-954-92106-6-8)</p>
    1. The book is a collection of twelve essays which study various aspects of Christian anthropology and ethics. They are linked by the search of the anthropological foundations of the Orthodox ethics, mainly in the context of the patristic studies. The author argues that the return to the Fathers of the Church, a trend in contemporary theology, presupposes the rediscovery of the authentic Orthodox ethos and an experimental confirmation of the truth about personality, freedom and communion.   

      The first part of the book (Anthropology) includes two studies of the life and theology of Saint Maximus the Confessor and one study of the life and theology Saint John of the Climacus. The second part (Ecclesiology and ethics) presents six texts elaborating on main topics related to the development of the Orthodox ecclesiological consciousness, including challenges to the contemporary Orthodox theology.  The author also examines the theology of the charismata in St Basil the Great. The third part (The Orthodox Theology and the Ethics of the Other) includes three texts which seek theological reflections on core existential questions that are posed by the modern philosophy such as the mystery of otherness and the interpersonal relationship with the other and the relation between communion and otherness. Toutekov addressed these questions on the basis of the ecclesiology and anthropology of the Church Fathers.