Sacral Mathematics and Adam's House

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  2. Sakralna matematika i Adamova kuca
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  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
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  6. 30-01-2019
  7. Malencic, Marko [Author]. Professor Predrag Ristic, Architecture, and Sacral Mathematics
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    1. Ristic, Predrag
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  10. 30/01/2019
    1. At the panel of the Academy for Arts and Conservation of the Serbian Orthodox Church, professor Predrag Ristic spoke on the topic "Sword: Sacral Mathematics". In the lecture, professor Ristic explained the basic notions of the theory of sacred mathematics by defying the stance of the architect Joseph Rykwert (the author of many influential works on architecture, including On Adam's House in Paradise (1972)) that the Adam's house was in the shape of a cube. Contrary to that, Professor Ristic concluded that the shape of Adam's house was in the form of a tetrahedron in fact. The lecture was interesting as an introduction to themes not commonly explored, related to geometry, sacral mathematics and Biblical images.