Orthodox civilization

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  7. Панарин Александр Сергеевич [Author]. Orthodox civilization
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    1. http://rusinst.ru/trudy-instituta/russkaya-civilizaciya1/pravoslavnaya_civilizaciya.html
    1. This edition publishes the main works of the outstanding Russian thinker and philosopher Alexander Panarin (1940-2003). In his philosophy of history Panarin explores the increasing destructive factors associated with the relationship and the clash of civilizations. Stressing the special importance of the Russian Orthodox civilization, he speaks of the inevitability of its collision with the Western world, trying to impose on all mankind their ideas about the goals and objectives of the development of society. Arguing against notions of the "end of history", Panarin says that "the volcano story" continues to "breathe", creating new social forms, new models of social development, drawn to the traditional heritage.