Orthodox civilization in global world

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  2. Православная цивилизация в глобальном мире
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  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
  5. Ecumenism and dialogue > Westernism and anti-westernism
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  7. Панарин Александр Сергеевич [Author]. Orthodox civilization in global world
  8. Православная цивилизация в глобальном мире : Orthodox civilization in global world
  9. globalisation
    1. http://www.patriotica.ru/religion/panarin_prav.html
    1. Globalization - in the sense of tendency to reduce barriers and distances and to create common economic, information and other spaces - is the reality of our time, says the author. And precisely because we recognize this reality and take it seriously, we pretend to have our own voice in it, so that its formation does not pass without our participation. This is only the old ideological and scientific dogma insisted on deterministic certainty and predetermination of certain "objective trends"and" immutable laws". The current state of science allows us to talk about multivariance, alternative, polyvalence of any new trends in social life. Those who insist on one or another one-variant, denounce their interest in a certain scenario of development, ascribe to their subjective aspirations the status of immutable objectivity, at the same time declaring the aspirations of others evil and unreasonable self-will.

      The paradigm of Christian (and enlightened-humanistic) universalism in the face of global problems is based on the following presumptions? according to Panarin:

      -- Global problems affect not only some aspect of human existence, subject to a separate review, but all our existence, which has become problematic. Having not found an answer to the challenge of global problems, humanity will not be able to survive. Here are the roots of a new eschatology, strikingly echoing with the first Christian.

      -- Global problems do not form a conglomerate of unrelated challenges, but a system that requires a systemic solution.

      -- Such a system solution requires the combined efforts of all mankind, for the first time acting as a consciously acting planetary entity.