Movie Premiere - Threefold Logos

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  2. Premijera filma Tri logosa
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  4. Movie Premiere - Threefold Logos (en)
  5. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  6. Modes of interaction
  7. 27-01-2019
  8. The Premiere of Documentary "Threefold Logos"
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    1. Dictionary of Technology
    2. The Premiere of Documentary "Threefold Logos"
    3. Stevanovic, Aleksandra -- Petrovic, Aleksandar
  10. Dictionary of Technology - documentary - movie premiere
  11. 27/01/2019
    1. The documentary "Threefold Logos” was first time presented at the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens, on the occasion of the opening of the international conference “Science and Orthodox Christianity: Past, Present, Future”. The movie examines the first years after Tito's death and the political implications of the ban on “Dictionary of Technology” (published in 1981 in Belgrade). By linking politics, religion and technology, this documentary searches for the spiritual context of time and its hidden codes. The documentary is  Aleksandar Petrovic's directorial debut and Aleksandra Stevanovic plays the main role in it.