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  7. 27-01-2019
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  11. 27/01/2019
    1. The documentary "Threefold Logos" was screened at Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts on January 22nd 2019. The script was written by Aleksandra P. Stevanovic and it was directed by Aleksandar Petral Petrovic, professor at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

      The movie was presented in November 2018 in Athens, and then at the end of last year in Chicago and in early 2019 in Washington. It follows the destiny of “Dictionary of Technology” published in 1981 in Belgrade seeking the way out of the ideological confusions of the time examines the relationship between technology and religion in the modern world. The documentary shows how the Dictionary of Technology tried to evoke Orthodoxy as an active principle, not as a dogmatic, but as the living content of the creative life. It showed that by the use of the free hand denial of one’s biography – its authors did not sign it. Thus, it was the resistance to technology of thought, words and deeds. The film differs from standard production because it is told in a philosophical language, but at the same time it also emotionally suggests to the viewer to see technology as the mirror behind which life is hidden.