I feel illness as love of Christ

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  2. Simt boala ca iubire a lui Hristos
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  5. I feel illness as love of Christ - Iasi: Doxologia, 2017.
  6. disease - treatment of disease - pain - self-knowledge - Fathers of the Church - “Divine Intelligence”
    1. The book was published with the blessing of Teofan, the Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina. The author suggests an atypical approach to illness, which comes as a challenge to self-discovery and a revelation of our personality in a new hypostasis. First, a short radiography of pain as an unwanted side effect of pleasure, but also as a sign of divine choice, brings to the forefront the experience and teachings of the Holy Fathers on pathogens. The author raises awareness through his method of walking together with the sick. He takes as companions in this therapeutic approach two of the contemporary fathers who went through the fire of the trials of illness and trouble - the priests Paisios of Mount Athos and Porphyrios Kapsokalivite. In this way, the author challenges us to understand the status of the patient as an exercise of patience towards ourselves, towards sickness, so that in this context we can truly meet God in our hearts. Basically, the book invites us to find the personal meaning of our own suffering and to refrain from seeing illness as the end of the line, which leads to despair. We are rather called to treat disease as martyrdom and to see here the beginning of another way of living and of deepening of the relationship with God.