Science and Faith Together towards the Truth

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  2. Ştiinţă şi credinţă împreună pe calea Adevărului
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  4. Sandu, Gheorghe
  5. Scientific theories and disciplines > Biology - Scientific theories and disciplines > Biology:evolution - Scientific theories and disciplines > Cosmology- Anthropic principle - Scientific theories and disciplines > Medicine - Various approaches to the problem of correlation between science and theology
  6. 2007
  7. Science and Faith Together towards the Truth - Craiova: Editura Mitropolia Olteniei, 2007.
  8. Evolution - Creationism - genetics - Bible and genetic code
    1. A dialogue that took place for more than one year in front of the microphone of the Logos radio station of the Archbishopric of Craiova with Gabriela Voinea allowed the former university professor - who later became hieromonk Gregorie Sandu - to develop a complex theme: Science and Religion. The Metropolitan Church of Oltenia Publishing House found useful to publish the content of these radio broadcasts,with the blessing of His Eminence Teofan, the Metropolitan of Oltenia. The book includes the following chapters: The roots of the controversy between science and religion; The role of people in the controversy between science and religion; The core of the controversy between science and religion: the evolutionary theory; A few words about creationism; What is Evolution, after all? Matter or God? About what happened on the first day; About what happened on day two; About what happened on day three: the emergence of the plants; About the emergence of life on day three; About the emergence of life; About Soul and Heritage; About God and Heritage; About the Fourth Day; About Present Signs and Future Times; About Sun and Light; About the Fifth Day; The Darwinian point of view on the emergence and evolution of animals; Facts given by science as evidence in support of evolution; Fossils, as an Evidence of Evolution; Other attempts by science to prove evolution; Genetics and evolution; Sixth Day: the Emergence of Man; About the Human Soul; About the Humanization of Monkeys; Critical Judgments on Human Evolution;The Seventh Day; About the Flood in the Bible; About Flood in Science; About the progress of human civilization; About False Sciences; About the achievements of modern man; About the Modern Man's Achievements in Genetic Engineering; About the use of transgenic organisms; Other Applications of Genetic Engineering; Modern Biotechnologies; The Church's Position on Recent Achievements in Medicine and Biology; The Eighth Day: The Future of Humanity as seen by Science; The Eighth Day: The Future of Humanity as seen by the Orthodox Church.