New spirituality and scientism

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  2. Nova duhovnost i scijentizam
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  4. New spirituality and scientism in the 21st century (en)
  5. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  6. Concepts of knowledge and modes of reasoning
  7. 27-11-2018
  8. Vasić, Miša [Author]. New Spirituality and Scientism in the 21st century
  9. New Spirituality and Scientism in the 21st Century - Belgrade: Sluzbeni glasnik, 2015.
    1. Sluzbeni glasnik
  10. postmodernity - transhumanism - technology and spirituality
    1. In the present world it seems to be difficult to have a firm paradigm or a unifying factor for humanity. In the 21st century everything demands a modern approach; so must spirituality, faith, and relationship with God. The author states that the present world is dominated by the fascination with the achievements of new technology. The roots of technological and scientific fascination stem from the post-modern thought of Francis Bacon, but has even deeper roots – in the ancient knowledge. In his book "New Atlantis", Bacon combined spirituality, love, kindness and science. The problem is that science has now separated from its second component, which is why this time cries for spirituality. Therefore, the book tries to merge global and spiritual phenomena related to the phenomenon of science.

      The connection between man and God is no longer an ontological connection, a rhetorical prayer, a sacral language, but a direct illustration of apostasy.

      In order to understand these multi-layered relations, the author focuses on a wide range of topics: from an integrated individual to Russian cosmism, social networks, transhumanism, and the myth of Atlantis.