Bishop Njegos as mathematician

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  2. Vladika Njegoš kao matematicar
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  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
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  6. 27-11-2018
  7. Rakocevic, Miloje [Author]. Njegosh’s Primordial Logos II
  8. Njegosh’s Primordial Logos II - Belgrade: Interpres, 2003.
    1. Rakocevic, Miloje
  9. religion and mathematics - Petar Petrović II Njegoš
    1. In the book “Njegosh’s Primordial Logos II” the author effectively harmonizes the periodical system of chemical elements, the Bible, and the poetic work of Bishop Petar Petrovic II Njegoš.

      This book is the continuation of the previous book by professor Rakocevic, “Njegosh’s Primordial Logos I” where he pointed at the mathematical logics and science in the Bishop’s poetical work. 

      The author in a new manner presents the perfectly measured and planned creation of the Architect of the Universe and those authors, such as Njegoš, Homer, Dante, who have managed to present the universal logos in their work, reflecting the divine creation itself. Thereby, in a scientific, exact way, the author of the book refers to Christianity and finds the concealed relations with science on many different levels.

      He further elaborately presents the composition of the literary works by Bishop Njegoš as mathematically measured, exact, and precise, not only divinely inspired but scientifically supported, making Njegoš one of the greatest Serbian poets. Proportion, symmetry, and harmony are thus striking in all his major writings, and each part corresponds with the whole.

      The book is the attempt to overview the work of Njegoš both from the scientific and from the theological point of view. This is the unique attempt and the only work considering and explaining Njegoš’s mathematical logos.