Golden Section: Njegos as scientist

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  6. Rakocevic, Miloje [Interviewee]. Golden Section: Njegos as Scientist
  7. Nova Galaksija
    1. Rakocevic, Miloje
  8. golden section - Petar Petrović II Njegoš
  9. 27/11/2018
    1. Professor Rakocevic presented his life-long research based on the mathematical, philosophical, and poetical work of Bishop Petar II Petrovic Njegoš.  He revealed that the Bishop reflected the universal logos in his work, which may be now observed in the light of Golden section.  He composed and constructed his poems in a scientific, exact way, very often referring to Orthodox Christianity. Therefore, professor Rakocevic in his research found the relation of this literary work with science, mainly with chemistry and mathematics.  

      Furthermore, he perceived the work of Bishop in the complete alignment with the genetic code, as well as Biblical code, concluding that the Bishop was an excellent scientist. Hence, the work of the Bishop is not only beautiful poetry, but an authentic harmony of religion, philosophy, and science.