Golden Mean: Teos Epo Mehanes

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  2. Zlatni presek: Teos Epo Mehanes
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  4. Golden Section: Teos Epo Mehanes (en)
  5. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  6. Concepts of knowledge and modes of reasoning
  7. 25-11-2018
  8. Koruga, Djuro [Author]. Golden Mean: Teos Epo Mehanes
    1. golden section
  9. Consciousness - golden section
  10. 25/11/2018
    1. In this paper, the author considers part–whole relation in science, religions, and societies. In that sense, the author finds Golden section as one of the best approaches to solve this problem. Golden section has been found as a basis of the order of planets in the Solar system, in the organization of sunflowers, as well as structures, energy, and information of our being, including consciousness.

      The author further provides one possible explanation of what the point of departure of myths and religions is. Finally, with the aim to establish harmony in society, that is, in parts vs. whole relations, golden section basis is proposed.