Christianity and Ecology

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  2. Християнство и екология
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Nachev, Ivaylo
  5. Ecology and the environment
  6. 25-11-2018
  7. Къща за птици (Birdhouse) [Author]. Christianity and Ecology
  9. ecological crisis - consumerism - Стоядинов, Мариян - Марков, Смилен - Иванов, Ангел - Нушев, Костадин
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    1. The discussion was held in the bookstore Birdhouse in Sofia. The participants in the discussion were associate professor Mariyan Stoyadinov, assistant professor Smilen Markov and journalist Angel Ivanov. Moderator was associate professor Kostadin Nushev.

      Mariyan Stoyadinov pointed that despite he is not a specialist in ecology the topic has social importance and his personal attitude is formed by his Christian values. He noted that the Church can significantly contribute to generating ecological thinking and consciousness. Part of the Christian solution will be a more moderate consumption and gratefulness for all what is given to us.   

      Smilen Markov argued that the ecological topic has ethical dimension, so in it should be sought as well the place of man. Therefore, the point of departure should be the role of man. Markov sees a process of rapprochement between Orthodoxy and ecology as theme (not so much between Orthodoxy and environmental movements). He also noted that debates should be better informed and take into account the current level of scientific knowledge in this specific field.      

      Angel Ivanov discussed activism of modern environmental movements, including activism of vegan groups which often seek provocation and show egoistic tendencies. He also emphasised damages from the extremes of consumerist culture.    

      Kostadin Nushev argued that the ecological theme is widely spread among the young generations, and if the Church wants to reach them it cannot neglect this question.