Richard Dawkins’ Atheist Perspective

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  4. Philosophical Critique of the Richard Dawkins’ Atheist Perspective (en)
  5. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
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  7. 22-11-2018
  8. Radovanovic, Biljana M. [Author]. Philosophical Critique of the Richard Dawkins’ Atheist Perspective. 305–318
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  11. 22/11/2018
    1. This paper aims to present primary arguments for atheism put forward by the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book "The God Delusion", and provide the analysis of these arguments in the book "Why There Almost Certainly Is a God" by Keith Ward.

      Dawkins considers that the question of God is scientific and that we would reach the final answer in time. Until then we can only present our attitudes concerning the possibilities. He rejects the importance of arguments based on personal experience with regard to the existence of God and the creation of the world. From his perspective, the genesis cannot be explained through God, for God is an even greater impossibility.

      Accordingly, this poses the question: who created God as a complex being? Ward considers that God is eternal and not created and that a simple being is no more probable than a complex one. One of Ward’s important hypothesis is that materialism advocated by Dawkins is a contestable theoretical position that is hard to defend, and the arguments for this may be found in quantum physics as well. The God hypothesis is a metaphysical one and it cannot be solved by empirical science.