Njegoš and the Codes

  1. Lemma
  2. Njegoš i kodovi
  3. Serbian
  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Orthodox theological tradition and practice > Biblical interpretation - Co-existence
  6. 2018
  7. Rakocevic, Miloje [Author]. Njegoš’ Po-ethics
  8. Njegosh’s (Po)ethics - Belgrade: Pitura, 2015.
    1. Simonović, Toma
    2. Rakocevic, Miloje [Author]. Njegosh’s Primordial Logos I
  9. Petar Petrović II Njegoš - golden section
    1. <p>The third book by Prof. Miloje Rakočević on the creativity of Petar II Petrović Njegoš</p>
    1. “Njegoš’s po-ethics” is the only publication in entirety dedicated to the work of Petar II Petrović Njegoš, exploring and demonstrating his philosophy of logos, that is, harmony of everything.

      The book consists of eight chapters and seven contributions (annexes), illuminated now, in communion, in a completely new title – Njegoš' po-ethics. The aim of such mosaic (the author also published two books on the creativity of Njegoš before) is to present diversity and significance of the work by Petar II Petrović Njegoš, bishop, poet, and scientist, as the author emphasizes.

      The author in scienific manner, with scientific proofs, exhibits steps in which the Bishop compose his main literary works. Njegoš wrote systems, precisely determined by the proportion, harmony, and symetry in relation with Golden Section, and leaning on the Bible, as well as on the coding the works of Homer and Dante. Thus, he achieved a unity of the form and the poetic-philosophical, combining science and Orthodoxy into the most sublime artistic expression.