Market or the Temple

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  8. Dimitrijevic, Vladimir [Author]. Market or the Temple
  9. Market or the Temple : Perspective of Vladimir Vujić - Belgrade: Catena Mundi, 2016.
    1. Vujić, Vladimir
  10. Philosophy of technology - Saint Sava - anti-Westernism
    1. Initially the author refers to the philosophy of Vujić and comments on the epoch that ruled his time: the growing dominance of technology, European crisis and the alternative ways. He points how the machine triumphed and started to rule the human consciousness.

      In such context, he published two books: New Humanism, and Thought Held Captive and Liberated, for which the author of the book provides summaries and remarks. He was an ardent critic of eurocentrism as a form of cultural imperialism of the West, and belonged to neo-humanist thinkers in Serbia. In that, he followed the legacy of Oswald Spengler, following his idea of the near “decline of the West”. Vujić accordingly believed that West is technology, while the East is ethics.

      Trying to find the right path, Vujić turned to Dostoevsky and then finally found it in Saint Sava, as an authentic answer to the world crisis. The last two chapters of the book are dedicated to Saint Sava and contemporary challenges Vladimir Vujić was observant of. The author perceives Vujić as “an intellectual of Christian orientation” since he was actively involved in the questions of the attitude of the Church towards modernity.