Religion and Ecology

  1. Lemma
  2. Religija i ekologija
  3. Serbian
  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Ecology and the environment
  6. 18-11-2018
  7. Susnjic, Djuro [Author]. Religion and Ecology. 179-184
  8. Ecology, Religion, Ethics - Belgrade: Zavod za udzbenike, 2013.
    1. Pavlović, Vukašin
  9. religion and ecology - ecological consciousness
    1. The author states that only through the perspective of religion one may recognize and respect other living beings and nature.

      Science reveals the laws in everything, but that does not mean it creates. In religion, nothing is reduced to merely physical or accidental, but everything has a value and references a myriad of meanings. There are many structural differences of diverse species, but they all have a certain value emboddied and that is their similarity.

      According to the author, the problem of ecology started when man lost faith in the “significant other” – man, God or nature. Therefore, today there is less time to preserve the nature than there is to explore and learn about it. In other words, it is more important and urgent to protect it than to scientifically cognize its laws and orders.