Science and Faith

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  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
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  6. 13-11-2018
  7. Vukanović, Vladimir [Author]. Science and Faith
  8. Faith and Science : Prominent Scientists Speak on God - Belgrade: Archdiocese of Belgrade–Karlovac, 2007.
    1. Archbishopric of Belgrade and Karlovac
  9. correlation of faith and knowledge
    1. In the book “Science and Faith”, Professor Vukanovic explains some of the fundamental principles, provides the data on the research of other scientists, and deduces in what ways science and religion are interrelated.

      In that effort, he states that the nature is not a “chaos of blind forces”, but the expression of a plan – God’s providence. Trying to express and summarize his view on the relation between science and religion, professor Vukanovic quotes a Nobel Prize awarded physicist Robert Andrews Millikan saying that “People who know little about science and those who know little about religion may discuss with each other; those watching them might think that the dispute is between science and religion, but in fact it would be the clash of two forms of ignorance”.

      The book is comprised of the scientific work of the author, his lectures on science and religion delivered to the students of the Faculty of Theology St. Vladimir, Crestwood, New York, and the perspective of the author is anchored in his education in physics and physical chemistry.  

      That is why this book is an attempt of a prominent scientist and distinguished professor to further explain the interrelatedness of science and religion and its significance for the human cognition.