Science in the Bible

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  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
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  6. 11-12-2018
  7. Dejic, Mirko [Author]. Science in the Bible. 1–12
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    1. University of Belgrade. Teacher Education Faculty
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  10. 12/11/2018
    1. The paper by Dr. Mirko Dejić correlates two seemingly contradictory phenomena, science and the Bible. Although the Bible is not a book dealing with science, the facts mentioned in the Bible are the subject of scientific research and they do not contradict it. The difference is that the writers of the Bible had stated these facts many centuries before science confirmed them. There is almost no scientific field that was not in some way found in the Bible.

      The paper thus presents the passages that most clearly represent the link between science and the Bible. Initially, it demonstrates the correlation between science and religion, and then the paper focuses on the relationship between science and the Bible. The Bible contains accurate scientific facts related to the fields of astronomy, geology, astrophysics, mathematics, medicine, physics, biology, hydrology, climatology, biometrics, anthropology, and other fields of research.

      Th author claims that the Bible does not contradict science and that this has been demonstrated on a wide spectrum of scientific fields. According to the author, such topics are especially useful for teachers of various school subjects and teachers of religion who work in a common education system and also have common general teaching objectives since they should convey this knowledge to their students in the most effective way. Informing the students about the links between science and religion would make it possible for them to understand the views of the spheres which, although different, are simultaneously firmly intertwined.