The Oldest Preserved Mathematical Work of Slavs

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  2. Najstariji sacuvani matematicki rukopis Slovena
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  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
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  6. 12-11-2018
  7. Dejic, Mirko [Author]. The oldest Slav (Russian) Mathematical Manuscript, the Work of the Monk Kirk. 79–88
  8. Inovacije u nastavi: casopis za savremenu nastavu
    1. University of Belgrade. Teacher Education Faculty
  9. Mathematics - Slavs
  10. 12/11/2018
    1. The paper traces the correlation between religion and science in the oldest preserved mathematical work of Slavs, in Russian. It was written by the monk Kirk of Antonije Monastery in Novograd. There are four units in the manuscript and twenty-seven paragraphs. There are different chronological calculations, as well as calendar and astronomic questions.

      Kirk shows a great degree of numeric and astronomic abilities and shows a high degree of development of mathematical and astronomical sciences in Russia in the 12th century.

      The paper enlightens the oldest preserved mathematical manuscript of the Russians and Slavic people. The authors show that Kirk used mathematical and astronomic achievements, which were known in the 12th century and wider from Russia, and note of big figures may be seen as the original achievement of the Slavs, and Kirk’s work reveals the ways they were noted.

      The paper shows that science and religion attract not only local research attention, but their intersection is significant in global terms.