Correlation of Faith and Knowledge in Education and Upbringing

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  2. Korelacija vere i znanja
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  4. Korelacija vere i znanja u obrazovanju i vaspitanju (en)
  5. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  6. Modes of interaction
  7. 12-11-2018
  8. Stojanović, Ljubivoje [Author]. Correlation of Faith and Knowledge in Education and Upbringing. 35–45
  9. Inovacije u nastavi: casopis za savremenu nastavu
    1. University of Belgrade. Teacher Education Faculty
  10. correlation of faith and knowledge - dialogue
  11. 12/11/2018
    1. The authors of the paper state that the fruitful intersection of faith and knowledge, that is science and religion, is possible, as well as necessary. It certainly implies the relation of different spheres of study. Each single way is a destructive fact, excluding individuals from the process of creating. This is why it is necessary to nourish culture of dialogue and culture of competition all the time in the most positive context, and this contributes to creative success apart from all the differences which we show and meet. Pedagogical work and education are at the same time the right and obligation of each personality and all social communities. In the places where there is a good correlation between faith and knowledge, creative success between the individual and the community is likely to be realised, whereas in the places where there is disharmony and a conflict between knowledge and faith, there is a danger of two sorts of one-sidednesses called religious fanaticism and scientific atheism. Since in our history we have experienced the tragedy of each of them, with the danger of a new one-sidedness nowadays, we believe that this work should provoke all good intentioned creators to ponder upon the correlation between faith and knowledge and make it more productive.